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Schoitz Hospital

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Schoitz Memorial Hospital


Question: When did Schoitz Memorial Hospital close?


1991- city directory has the last mention as Covenant Medical Center Hospital (Merged in 1986)


Kimball Ridge Center Ridgeway Place


From City Directories:

1992 – last mention of Covenant Medical Emergency Transport Services

1993 – city directory has the first mention of Kimball Ridge Center


Schoitz merged with St. Francis Hospital to form Covenant Medical Center on January 1, 1986.


By 1991, services at the former Schoitz Memorial Hospital had been phased out

December 20, 1991 was when the last service (EMS) shut down.


Excerpt from the Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare Website: http://www.wfhealthcare.org/wfhealthcare/who-we-are/history :




The System reorganizes, becoming one of the first multi-institutional systems in the nation to form market-based regional holding companies for all health provider services.


Regional health care holding companies are established including WFSI-Fox Valley, WFSI-Illinois, WFSI-Milwaukee, and WFSI-Racine, and the Franciscan Iowa Service Corporation.


WFSI forms O.S.F. Services, Inc. as a cross-regional holding company to integrate services to span marketplaces.


Franciscan Ministries, Inc. reorganizes as the system holding company for all shelter and spiritual development services.


Wheaton names Wilfred F. Loebig, Jr., its first lay President and Chief Executive Officer, and Robert J. Makowski President of Sponsorship Services.


Membership on the Wheaton Corporate Board expands to include lay members.


Covenant Medical Center is established in Waterloo, Iowa, by consolidating the System’s St. Francis Hospital and neighboring Schoitz Medical Center.


The Misericordia Sisters of Montreal, Quebec, transfer sponsorship of Oak Park Hospital in Oak Park, Illinois, to the Wheatan Franciscans."


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