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Automobiles manufactured in Waterloo

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"At one time or another, the city was the site of four different companies.  A few Waterloo cars were built in 1905 by the Waterloo Gas Engine Company which later made the Waterloo Boy tractor before becoming John Deere Tractor Works.  In 1904 and 1905 the Duryea car was produced there.  The Dart Truck Co. began operation in Waterloo around 1910 and existed about 10 years.  Bill Galloway persuaded Maytag's to move the Mason Auto Co. from Des Moines to Waterloo.  Maytag cars were built here in 1910-11.  in Iowan Dec. 1960-Jan. 1961.


According to the exhibit "Out of the Mud" at the Iowa State Historical Museum - Jan. 1990, the following were Waterloo Auto Manufacturers:


Arabian  1915-1917

Asquith  1901

Caldwell  1908

Dart Truck  1922

Davis  1895

Duryea  1900-1911

Fishback  1912

Galloway  1908-1911

LCE  1914-1916

Mason/Maytag  1906-1915

Summit  1907-1909

Waterloo  1908


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