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Waterloo - The Bijou Theater

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The Bijou (1907-1908)


Founded by: Roy Cushman and Edward Doerfler

Opened: October 19, 1907

Located: 1111 E. 4th St.

Description: The theater was established in a building formerly occupied by the Central Bank. According to an Oct. 10, 1907 Courier article, it was to have one of the first two electric signs installed on the north end of the city. On Oct. 15, 1907, the Courier announces that the name of the new establishment is to be the 'Bijou.'

Courier article dated Oct. 31, 1907, page 8: "The Bijou theatre is showing a good line of films this week. The new opera chairs arrived today and the decorative work on the curtain is progressing nicely."


Changes in ownership/management: Roy Cushman and Edward Doerfler sell theater to A. Williams of Toronto, Canada in Dec. 1907. Frank Cody and Leo R. Kelley of Waterloo become local managers.


What happened to it: The theater was listed in the 1908 Waterloo city directory, be we have found no references to it after January 1908, so we surmise it did not last long.


Compiled by Teresa Dahlgren

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