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Waterloo -- Bottles

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Carter-Watkins Beverage

  • Listed in the 1942 Waterloo city directory at 1430 Logan. The next year lists the 2 owners as owning Pepsi-Cola. They are again listed from 1946-52 at 1424 Burton.


Crown Bottling Works

  • Located in the 1904-05 Waterloo city directory as Crown Bottling Works, owned my R.D. Strayer, Rear 114 E. 4th St.
  • R.D. Strayer is listed as a bottler in the classified section of the 1903-04 city directory, but NOT as owner.
  • Crown Bottling Works is listed in the Waterloo city directories from 1904 to 1913.


Dawson Beverage Company

  • Dick D. Dawson first listed in the 1933 Waterloo city directory as manager of Dawson Distrib. Co. (wholesale beer).
  • In 1938, he is listed as manager of Dawson Distrib., Doctor Pepper Bottling Co., and Dawson Beverage Co. This is the only year in which a company by the name of Dawson Beverage Co. is listed.
  • Dick Dawson continues to be listed as president of Doctor Pepper Bottling Co. through 1952.


Miscellaneous Bottlers

  • M&M Bottle Co. at 416 W. 7th from 1946-60.
  • Double Cola at 113 E. 8th from 1941-46.


Sibert & Sons Bottling (Information from Waterloo city directories and Iowa gazetteers).

  • Listings:

1906-07: Sibert & Sons

1908: Hoyer & Sibert

1909-10: Sibert & Sons

1910: Sibert & Sons

1911: (directory missing)

1912 and 1913: Sibert & Sons

1913: Sibert & Sons

1914-16: Hoyer & Sibert

1917: (directory missing)

1918: Hoyer & Sibert

1919-23: Sibert & Sons Bottling Co. (the first time name has appeared in this form)

1924: Sibert & Son Bottling Co. (name listed as "Son" and not "Sons" here)

1925*: Sibert & Son Bottling Co.

1926: (directory missing)

1927: (company not listed)

* In 1925, Sibert became the "Waterloo Bottling Co.," and remained so-named through 1957. Other notes claim the Waterloo Bottling Company existed between 1924 and 1957; from 1958-1964, the name was known as "High Life."

  • Addresses:

1906-07: 96-98 E. 5th St.

1910-: 710 Water St.

1919-: 712 Bluff St.

1955-: Office: 1205 Jefferson; Warehouse: 1304 Commercial


Tucker Bottling Company (See also Waterloo Cider & Pop Company)

  • In Waterloo city directories:

1921: James T. Tucker (soda pop)

1922-23: James T. Tucker (ice cream)

1924: Tucker Bottling Works

1927: Mrs. L.M. Tucker, Mgr.

1931-46 James Tucker

1948: 416-418 W. 7th (Herbert Ninness & Hillman Paulsrud)

1950: Name chage to M&M Bottling Company.

  • Located at 1442 W. 2nd in 1940.


Waterloo Bottling Company

  • In existence from 1924-1957, at which time the name change to High Life, and continued from 1958-1964.
  • In 1955, the location of the offices were at 1205 Jefferson St., and the company warehouse was at 1304 Commercial.


Waterloo Bottling Works

  • Listed in Waterloo city directory from 1901-1915, W. Ewald, prop. It was located at 509 Bluff St.


Waterloo Cider & Pop Company (See also Tucker Bottling Company)

  • Listed in the Waterloo city directory from 1916-1920. The owners are listed as L.M. and B.J. Tucker, and the address is Rear 1442 W. 2nd.

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